Our Story

The inspiration for Maggie Wilson and the products we create is driven by the long summer days and nights spent in Michigan's Harbor Country. Our family has been summering there for over 100 years and we all take solace in the simpler, slower, purer pace of life where time seems to move slower and the traditions are as timeless as the waves lapping against the shore. 

We cherish the "wake up and go" attitude of being at the lake, and come morning everyone is off in different directions - some heading to the beach, others going for a bike ride or taking the dogs for a long walk in the woods - only to convene in the evening after a long day of activities for a big family cookout. Being on the Westernmost point of the Eastern time zone affords us twilight that seems to last until midnight in the heart of summer, only to inevitably lead to late nights sitting around the bonfire as generations of our family did before us and our grandchildren will hopefully do some day as well.

In a world of haute couture and revolving doors of trends, we strive to make products that evoke our muse of Summer in Harbor Country and carry the same timeless, American quality. Designed with this active lifestyle in mind, our products are hand crafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality from the finest materials sourced entirely within the United States.